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The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park…

The Park of Military History is a museum and adventure centre located in the area of the old Italian barracks in Hrastje near Pivka. The Park of Military History has become a modern museum complex with attractive collections and interactive content, as well as diverse accompanying activities, which are an invaluable memory of the past and an illustrative and unique teaching tool. The Park of Military History is the largest museum complex in the Republic of Slovenia and is also becoming one of the most visited Slovenian museums.…

The wolf, the bear and the lynx at Dina are presented with the help of the latest technologies and a modern, pleasant ambience. Visitors can actively and independently explore and learn about the world of large carnivores in a fun way: through the “zverbook” (”beastbook”), a quiz, augmented/virtual reality and, of course, through films. The centre is attended by school children, families, nature lovers and by everyone who faces the fact that large carnivores are sometimes dangerous neighbours.…

Sveta Trojica Hill is a 1,106m high panoramic peak located east of Pivka and is a popular mountaineering point. According to legend, this is where Martin Krpan is said to have roamed. A small church stood at the top of the mountain in the 17th c., but it collapsed somewhere at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. It has recently been rebuilt and seems to have been here forever.…

Address: Narin 101, 6257 Pivka
Telephone number: 00386 40 757 694

Address: Slovenska vas 5a, 6257 Pivka
Telephone number: 00386 41 909 621

Address: Mala Pristava 10, 6257 Pivka
Tel: 00386 5 753 20 55 or 00386 41 523 325…

Address: Petelinje 27, 6257 Pivka
Tel: 00386 41 985 994 or 00386 31 478 130

Address: Petelinje 11, 6257 Pivka
Telephone number: 00386 41 512 802

Address: Kettejeva ulica 9, Pivka
Telephone number: 00386 40 464 355
E-mail address:…

Address: Suhorje 5, 6217 Vremski Britof
Telephone: +386 31 773 474

Address: Dolnja Košana 48, 6256 Košana
Telephone number: 00386 57 530 551