Krpanov dom is a Culture centre and a place that combines cultural, educational and service activities in the centre of Pivka.

The object of the branched image of Yugoslav architecture combines different types of activities. At the Large Carnivores Centre – DINA Pivka in Pivka you can enter a magical forest and use modern techniques to learn about the life of bears, lynx and wolves, as well as the coexistence of the local people with them. In the centre, there is a modern cinema with a range of film material for children and adults. There are additional spaces dedicated to various activities, which are also intended for public use – a lecture room and two gallery spaces.

Cultural, educational and tourist activity is linked to economic and development activities here. The Krpanov dom is home to the premises of the Northern Primorska and Notranjska Regional Development Agency, the agricultural advisory service of the KGZ Nova Gorica (Institute for Agriculture and Forestry) and local entrepreneurs. The Krpanov dom also houses a branch of the library , a post office, a gallery and the Pivka Public Institute for Tourism (Zavod za turizem Pivka).