Welcome to the junction of the stony karst and the lungs of our pre-Alpine homeland – the Notranjska region forest. We highly recommend that you discover the beauties and mysteries of this exceptional landscape by bike or on foot, as the gentle terrain is also suitable for those who do not practice sports much.

In this way, it is easier to meet friendly locals and discover the beauty of the landscape up close, and thus feel the genuine pulse of Pivka. Those who are not as impressed by mass tourism and the thronging streets of fashionable cities as they are by tourist farms, hospitable people, local food and natural attractions will feel very much at home here, as such things are not missing in Pivka.

Feel the pulse of Pivka and let the locals pamper you with hospitality and local delicacies/products/dishes surrounded by unspoiled nature. Another interesting thing is that the Pivka Valley is known as the top Slovenian area for sunshine. It is also true that Pivka is home to the Bora wind, which can be quite strong, so don’t forget your windbreaker.


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