Sveta Trojica Hill

Sveta Trojica Hill is a 1,106m high panoramic peak located east of Pivka and is a popular mountaineering point. According to legend, this is where Martin Krpan is said to have roamed. A small church stood at the top of the mountain in the 17th c., but it collapsed somewhere at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. It has recently been rebuilt and seems to have been here forever.

The ascent to the top, in fine weather, is rewarded with a beautiful view of the Postojna basin and the wide Pivka lowlands – all the way to the sea and to the surrounding peaks: Vremščica, Nanos, the ridges of Javornik, Snežnik, Učka, the Julian Alps and the Dolomites. From the top, a view of Palško jezero Lake and Petelinjsko jezero Lake opens up. During the descent, we can see a beautiful view of the valley of Vlačno and the forests of the Javorniki hills.

Walking time: 45min to 2h and 40min (depending on the chosen route)
Difficulty: easy marked path, also suitable for families with children
Altitude difference: 560m
Time of visit: all year