The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park

The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature park lies in the valley where the Burja (Bora) wind is born. The play of water, stone and the intertwining of man shows the natural and cultural heritage in its most beautiful form. In times of abundant rain, lakes appear in the karst basin, but they are not permanent, hence the name. In the Pivka region, you can find as many as 17 seasonal lakes, which are unique in the world in such numbers.

Seventeen picturesque lakes that vary in size and permanence attract nature lovers with their mystery and unpredictability. The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka arise where high karst waters flood larger and smaller depressions and thus create lakes.

In the summer, the lakes mysteriously disappear into the karst underworld, and instead of water, nature offers us wonderful meadows full of scented flowers, colourful butterflies and birdsong.
Nature as the greatest artist has made it interesting to wander the park in all seasons. The mysterious lake landscape changes every day, so we can visit it again and again, but no matter how many times we see it, it will always be slightly different. The rich cultural heritage, which goes all the way back to the Stone Age, has written many interesting stories that are worth exploring.

99% of the area is included in Natura 2000, the European Union’s nature protection network and one of the world’s largest conservation areas, with which we preserve animal and plant species, living environments and areas of importance at the Slovenian, European and global levels.