Sleeping on a Haystack

At the Volk organic farm, we offer you the opportunity to come for a break with your horse and enjoy a relaxing holiday as if you were on your own farm. The horses can be housed in the stables or on the pasture, depending on which suits you better. We will organise a half-day or full-day ride with a guide on the surrounding trails and, on the way, provide suitable stops for the horses and authentic local food for the riders. We will also help you in case of any problems along the way (veterinarian, blacksmith, horse transport).
The trails are designed to mainly follow forest and field paths, as well as through interesting villages. All routes include stops at local providers. The intensity and pace of the riding will be tailored to your knowledge, wishes and the welfare of the horses.
On the farm, we have several rest points (deck chairs and hammocks) or for socializing with friends, depending on which suits you better after riding. During the summer months, we recommend swimming in the nearby Reka river.
The special charm of your stay with us is only increased by an experience that you rarely have the opportunity to explore elsewhere – sleeping on a haystack. For our grandmothers and grandfathers, this was a daily thing, but nowadays there are few places where it is possible to fall asleep to the smell of freshly dried hay. A maximum of eight people can sleep on four nicely arranged beds in the same room.
In addition to sleeping on the haystack, we also offer camping, as there is room for some tents in the idyllic shade alongside the stream. The offer is available from May to September.


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