Park of Military History, Pivka

The Park of Military History is a museum and adventure centre located in the area of the old Italian barracks in Hrastje near Pivka. The Park of Military History has become a modern museum complex with attractive collections and interactive content, as well as diverse accompanying activities, which are an invaluable memory of the past and an illustrative and unique teaching tool. The Park of Military History is the largest museum complex in the Republic of Slovenia and is also becoming one of the most visited Slovenian museums.

In the park, you can find a rich tank and artillery collection from the period of World War II, the commando submarine P-913 Zeta, the steam locomotive 33-110 from World War II and a collection of aircraft (the Yugoslav Soko 522, the Soviet Mig-21, the Romanian IAR-93 Vultur and the American jet fighters Thunderjet and Sabre).