Šilentabor Hill

Šilentabor represents the highest peak (751m) of the ridge on the southwestern side of the Pivka Basin, which divides Upper Pivka from the valley of Reka river and Brkini region. A nice number of finds from prehistoric times testify that two forts stood there on the Tabor ridge: Šilentabor and Gradišče.

Due to its strong strategic position, this slope was extremely important even in the Middle Ages. From the 15th century, one of the largest anti-Turkish fortifications in Slovenia stood here, as evidenced by historical sources. In 50 rooms and granaries, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages took refuge from the Turks and other robbers. The castle, built by the owners of Ravne Castle, was badly damaged in the last all-Slovenian peasant uprising and finally destroyed in the Napoleonic Wars.

The ridge offers a view of nearby hills and other places – Vremščica, Nanos, the Pivka Basin, the reef of the Javorniki Hills, Snežnik Mountain and the hills above the river valley of the Reka river.
Near the village is the church of St. Martin with frescoes from 1464, which belong to the Istrian-karstic art circle. The church belongs to a group of simple rural churches.

Walking time: 35min to 2h and 5min (depending on the chosen route)
Difficulty: easy marked way, also suitable for families with children
Time of visit: all year