Primož Hill

This hiking destination, which takes you along a historic path, offers not only recreational but also educational and energy purposes. Along the way, you will find interesting markings with the shape of a soldier. At the top, you will have the opportunity to rest and take advantage of the marked energy points. Traces of the legacy of the Alpine Wall, built by the Kingdom of Italy in order to consolidate the border in the 1930s, will be visible around you.
That the hike to Primož is a special experience is also evidenced by the fact that there are as many as 22 healing energy points on it, measured in 2003–2004 by the radiesthesist Igor Ziernfeld. The activity of the points is related to geomancy – the science of positive and negative terrestrial or cosmic radiations known to the ancient peoples (Egyptians, Etruscans and Greeks). The energy flows through so-called dragon lines, and in the area of Primož we find two lines of power. When visiting, you will be able to find all the energy points, as they are appropriately marked.
If you want to combine the hike with an exploration of history, you can take a guided tour of the interior of the underground fort from the period of the Rapallo border at Primož and see 500m of preserved underground tunnels.

Walking time: 25min
Difficulty: easy marked path, also suitable for families with children
Altitude difference: 153m
Time of visit: all year
Guided tours of the underground fortifications: The Park of Military History