The Šobec Homestead in Kal near Pivka

The Šobec Homestead is located in the stonemasonry village of Kal near Pivka. Its beginnings date back to the sixteenth century. The camp, with an extensive common (Škofija), has in the past served as a stop for freight carriers, traffickers, furmans and contrabandists who stopped here on their way from the interior of the country to the sea and back.
The large stone hearth and the bread oven, which could bake more than thirty loaves of bread daily, also testify to the openness and hospitality. The oldest and most precious is the spahnjenca house, which contains the fireplace, preserved in its original form and covered with skrle, split plates of stratified limestone.

The Šobec Homestead has been writing its stories for centuries. Today, it offers its visitors an unforgettable trip to the past. You can enjoy a guided tour of the homestead, listen to the stories written in stone and to the flames that heat the ancient fireplace. The enticing scent of domestic herbs will invite you to visit the herb garden where there is ‘a herb for every ailment’. The curious will be told the secrets of the unique traditional Brkini spirit distilling, which you will get to know through the ethnographic collection and a short film. If you are lucky, you will meet Martin Krpan, who will give you first-hand the news from his latest trip, if only he is somewhere nearby with his mare. Perhaps he will read you a poem from the collection of Jakob Žnidaršič, who was born in 1847 at Šobec farm and, despite his sad fate, left a rich mark in Slovenian history.

Address: Kal 18, 6257 Pivka
Tel: 00386 51 381 324; 00386 41 260 985