Kršičevec Hill

of the Javorniki hills. It rises above the village of Juršče, which used to be a grazing mountain. The summit offers a view of the western parts of the Javorniki peaks, and the gaze is especially attracted to the neighbouring Sveta Trojica above Pivka. You can see the Pivka valley, the hill Vremščica and the Nanos plateau, from which individual peaks of the Trnovo forest peep through.

The starting point for visiting the summit is in the village of Juršče. The marked path leads us past pastures and grassy slopes, mixed with low shrubs and forest.

Walking time: 1h and 30min to 2h and 30min (depending on the chosen route)
Difficulty: easy marked path, also suitable for families with children
Altitude difference: 388m
Time of visit: all year