Hunting for the Lake

You like looking for treasure? We promise that anyone can find it in Pivka!
The most enduring of the 17 lakes of Pivka is waiting to be discovered. However, your task will not be so easy. Because these are not exactly ordinary lakes.
Every season, they are different and somewhere new. They are especially beautiful when they are nowhere to be found.
Happens all the time. But never mind.
The lake is always there, though at times it’s filled with nothing but air, as the water dances through the underworld, without a care.
So now get on your way – and visit us again, meet the faces of the lakes – they are never the same.

Path length in both directions: 4.5km
Duration: min. 1.5 hours
Free instructions for hunting the lake can be found in the Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka, Slovenska vas 10.