Educational Path at the Živa Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Živa wastewater treatment plant, which is managed by the public corporation Javno podjetje Kovod Postojna, operates in the area of the nature park. Each municipality has such a wastewater treatment plant, but only ours can be discovered through the educational paths that run through the facility. This educational path includes a very interesting interpretation room aimed at raising awareness of the importance of protecting water resources and of healthy drinking water in general.

The Živa Wastewater treatment plant is intended for organized and pre-announced groups, primarily schoolchildren and young people, but is certainly interesting for other groups of visitors as well. As part of the guided tour, visitors will get acquainted with the processes of biological wastewater treatment, visit the interpretation room intended to raise awareness of the importance of water resource protection and see a short film about the treatment plant.

The purpose of the project is to draw attention to the peculiarities of the karst world and to the importance of the treatment plant as indispensable infrastructure for the maintenance of clean water.

Although there seems to be plenty of water on our planet, this is not the case. Less than 1% of it is accessible drinking water!