Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka

Discover the story of water in the karst world of Upper Pivka. An interactive presentation of the intermittent lakes awaits you in the museum, characterised by the special geological structure of the area and the uneven distribution of precipitation in this area. All this has an impact on the substantial fluctuations in the surface of the Karst groundwater, which causes 17 seasonal lakes to form in the valley when the waters are high!
You can discover everything related to this natural phenomenon by spinning a very special mill wheel. Throughout the exploration, you will dive into geological, hydrological karstological characteristics and the varied living world of this area.
In the area of the Seasonal lakes of Pivka, there is a rich set of plant and animal species, as well as species that have already disappeared or are endangered. Researchers listed 182 species of plants, 211 types of bugs, 106 butterfly species and 133 bird species. Large carnivores have their habitat here as well – the bear, the wolf and the lynx.
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