Thematic Trails Between the Pivka Lakes

Explore the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka with the mobile app!
The Pivka municipality has developed an application for mobile devices called Pivka Lakes, which enables visitors to explore the natural beauty of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka on their own, as the application guides them along seven different themed trails. The app serves as your personal guide. It directs you and points out interesting natural sights and cultural heritage, plants and animals. There are some points of interest on each trail. When you approach a certain point, the app alerts you and offers you information and attractions. It includes explanations of natural phenomena, descriptions of cultural heritage and local stories, as well as descriptions of animals and the typical sounds they make. The trails are of different lengths, but none of them are difficult. They were named after lakes and settlements: The Petelinje Trail, the Palčje Trail, which is short and suitable for small children, the Trail of the Drskovče and Zagorje Lakes, the Trail from Drskovče to Šilentabor, the Trail of Military History, the Trnje Trail towards Petelinjsko jezero Lake and the Trnje Trail towards Palško jezero Lake . You can connect the last two into one, which is approximately 20 kilometres long.