Cultural attractions

Typical Dishes of Pivka2022-06-14T06:33:03+00:00
Park of Military History, Pivka2022-06-13T12:43:11+00:00
The Fictional Character of Martin Krpan2022-06-14T06:27:00+00:00
The Castle Bike Trail2022-06-14T06:25:12+00:00
Thematic Trails Between the Pivka Lakes2022-06-20T07:47:47+00:00
The Stone Crosses of Pivka2022-06-14T06:09:06+00:00
Parska golobina – A Stone Age Site2022-06-14T06:07:16+00:00
The Šobec Homestead in Kal near Pivka2022-06-14T04:54:54+00:00
Ethnological Collection at the Zgonar Homestead2022-06-14T04:46:37+00:00
Exhibition of Old Radio Receivers2022-06-14T04:40:36+00:00
Alpine Wall Fort on Primož Hill2022-06-14T04:33:29+00:00
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